Welcome to Cliquey

Cliquey is a new activity driven social media app where users post what activity they have done, doing or want to do. Your followers will see your posts and if they are doing or have done the same thing, they can ‘snap!’ your activity. You can also love or comment on their activity if you so wish.

You will be lead through the following steps:
- Select activity
- Add description
- Add an emoji to highlight your feeling towards the activity
- Add location
- Add picture
- Use default date or even adjust the date to a future or past event

All posts will be listed and grouped according to type of activity in your profile for your reference. You will soon see who is in your clique and who isn’t due to sharing common activities. The more you use the app, the more you will learn about your followers and the people you are following.

You will also learn about popular activities and events happening around you.

It’s always more fun with friends so don’t forget to invite everyone.